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Front Row Foundation was born in a community of close-knit family and friends who wanted to make a difference for those braving critical health challenges. Front Row volunteers do what they do because of their deep belief in the healing powers of the mind and its immeasurable ability to nourish the human spirit. It is our belief that a group of people united in passion and common purpose can have the power to provide life changing moments for others in need, and transform the quality of their life.

For those who are facing critical health issues, any positive experience, especially those that involve their favorite team or musician, can be a life-changing experience. Our dream is to provide a Front Row experience that will allow individuals to set aside any physical or emotional challenges while they celebrate the beauty and emotional energy of life.

Great moments in our lives are remembered forever. Together we can, and will create lasting memories for those in need; one positive, incredible and life-changing experience at a time.

If you are not yet “one of US,” then we urge you right now to begin living your life in the Front Row and become a part of our “family” and circle of friends.  

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